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Meet the Collective

The Eggplant Collective was born in Berlin in an explosion of creativity that was the first Pictoplasma Academy in 2013. We are a group of illustrators, animators, sculpture artists, doodlers and doers all brought together by our mutual love for character design! Today we live and create world wide, and this is our shared space where we come together for monthly projects, collaborations, news and other general awesomeness!

Aman Khanna

Graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor and visual storyteller, Aman Khanna graduated in graphic and information design from London College of Communication 2004, after working for a year in London he set up his own design studio Infomen in London in 2006 and Infonauts in New Delhi in 2009. His quirky characters and iconic forms tease viewers, drawing their attention to the pages of many international publications including Harvard Business publishing, The Times and the Wall Street Journal. Aman has recently started to produce character sculptures in clay.

Andreas Hummel

Andreas Hummel is a German Compositing Artist and 3D Generalist. After graduating in MultiMediaArt (BA) in Salzburg, Austria, and Animage (MA) in Lucerne, Switzerland, he is currently working at Studio Soi in Ludwigsburg as Technical Director for an upcoming series. In the past he has worked on various movies like Princess Painting, The Gruffalo’s Child or Room on the Broom, just to name a few. Through the Pictoplasma Academy he got interested in character design and started to sketch and draw again. Andreas loves color, cooking, sports and his Skeletor action figure.

Beck O’Brien

Beck O’Brien (aka. Gutless Wonder) was born in London, England, in 1989. Since studying she’s been exploring Europe and is currently living in France. Her training includes a BA in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in 3D Computer Animation. Since childhood she loved to immerse herself in fantastical worlds through literature, cinema and art. Back then she created fairy houses from moss and twigs; now she builds her imaginary worlds in 3D computer software. She also enjoys smiles, knitting and searching the world for colourful drinking glasses.

Bela Alvarez

Bela Alvarez is a Mexican Industrial Designer now based in Germany. Her passion are toys & character design, going through all the creative and production processes. Taking inspiration most of the time from the Mexican Folk­Arts. Vinyl, resin, fabric and Mâché are her favorites materials to create. Co-founder of Alimaña Toys (a Mexican independent toy brand). Currently working on character and toy design, 3D modeling and prototypes. She has produced limited edition in vinyl and resin figures for sale and exhibitions.

Claudia Six

Claudia Six was raised in a very small Austrian town surrounded by mountains and forests. As the only child in the neighbourhood, she soon discovered her deep connection with strange things. Be it the spooky old cat-lady next door, baby frogs in the forest, invisible pigs in the cellar, and much more, she found herself bonding with entities and fantasies. At art school, where she studied silkscreen printing and textile/graphic design, she discovered that many other strange creatures live in her imagination. Since then, her first aim has been to get these creatures out of her head and into real life. She does this through sculptures, performances, installations and drawings.

Diego Cumplido

Diego Cumplido is a cartoonist and filmmaker from Santiago, Chile. After completing his bizarro web labyrinth in 2012 -which included some gory videos with puppets- he’s been doing comics, poster art for music shows, and working on the script for his first feature-length film. A fixation with weird and dark humor permeates his whole body of work.

Duncan Irvin

Duncan Irving was spawned in the verdant suburbs of southern Sydney, Australia in 1977. During his life he developed an unhealthy interest in electronic music, comics, anime, video games and virtual reality. He studied an expedient course of applied Graphic Design and has since worked in digital media for online, motion graphics for TV promos and UI for Nintendo Wii & PS2.

Fabio Tonetto

Fabio Tonetto was born in Italy in 1983. Graduated in 2006 at the Animation Triennial Course of the Italian National Film School, he then worked as animator for Cartoon Network and realized music videos and advertising. His illustrations and comics can be found in several self published projects, zines and also in magazines like Rolling Stone and Frigidaire. He lives in Turin, Italy. His first animated short movie, Pluto 3000, is online: check it out!


Emmy Lincoln aka ItchySoul is a popsurrealist painter from Malmö, Sweden. She likes to use found materials such as book covers as canvases and her motifs illustrate ‘untold stories’. When painting characters atop ‘flee market art’ she breathes new life into old, forgotten artwork. Emmy was born in 1980 and studied graphic design in Sydney, Australia.

Jen Deplour

Jen Deplour is a sculptor currently located in Atlanta, Georgia. Her socially-conscious figural works take inspiration from popular culture, playthings, art history, and critical theory. Through her provocative use of context and form, Jen aspires to critique and challenge society as a whole, manifesting a broader world understanding. She is currently exhibiting national and internationally. {}

Laura Hunter

Lalalaura loves to write, bake, draw and explore. Born in Australia, she has doodled her way into numerous adventures around the world, with her bearded baker and adventure girl characters close by her side. Totally in love with making nice things, she’s currently illustrating, writing, lino cuttin’, working in ceramics and making Hardcore Kakor (badass cakes) in Gothenburg, Sweden. @captainlala

Lukas Guelcher

Lukas Guelcher was born in Vienna, Austria in 1986. He spends most of his time by creating custom vinyl toys, character sculptures, illustrations, T-shirt designs and occasionally prop design for theater plays. In his colorful projects he combines a human look with animal-like elements, creating playful characters, often with a melancholic side to them.


Inbar Shabtai aka LUMA is an illustrator and character designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She graduated from art school and received a Graphic Design diploma majoring in Illustration. Her internship as a game artist at Crowdpark, a German gaming company, came next. So she took a flight with her one ­eyed pug and they stayed in Berlin for a year.


Born and based in Guatemala city, Muxxi's unusual characters and creatures have given her a cult following around the world and global brands haven't been immune to the charms of her work either. Her quirky images speak of freedom and expressiveness and when she's creating an illo - or even an imaginary world - her aim is to spread joy to whoever sees it. She have worked with clients like Microsoft, Saatchi & Saatchi, Nokia, Sony and Chattyfeet and have exhibited her magical creations in many galleries around the world. Other projects include mural paintings and publications in magazines and books. For more about Muxxi visit

Ninna Thorarinsdottir

Ninna is an Icelandic designer, who specialises in illustration and toy design. She graduated with BA from Design Academy Eindhoven and is now doing her MA in Child Culture Design at HDK, Gothenburg, Sweden. She loves exploring new methods of making and is obsessed and inspired by details, colours, strangeness and opposites. In her desk drawers you can find, LED lights, a hammer, saw, sewing kit, sound and motion Arduino, epoxy, textiles, wood and around 98 almost finished pens in different thickness.


Originally from Mexico and adopted by Barcelona, Pablo Fernández del Castillo aka Pabs is a street artist, illustrator and creative copywriter. His work is spontaneous, fresh and simple. No matter the techniques he uses – grafitti, hand-drawing or digital illustration – he creates easily recognizable and always friendly characters. Pabs combines his drawing and writing skills to form stories like “Pabs Headquarters”– a guy with a huge head filled with an office where tiny characters help him with all his decisions.

Rafael Parra Toro

Rafael Parra Toro is an argentinean-­venezuelan experimental artist and engineer, highly influenced by optical and kinetic geometrical art. Founder of Musictoons, top seller on the Unity Asset Store. ParraTORO is mostly experienced in the casual games industry; games like Shrek (The Ogre Resistance Renegade), Toon Cup (Cartoon Network) and many others by MP for Nickelodeon; are some examples of his background. He is currently working as an independent kinetic artist.

Ricardo Muñoz

Ricardo Muñoz is an Ecuadorian-born, New York based transmedia Art Director, illustrator, and visual storyteller. His work has been published and/or exhibited in commercial, independent, academic, and non-profit venues in several countries, including Ecuador, Chile, Japan, Spain, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, and the US. He has received honors and awards in Advertising, Design, and Comic festivals in Latin America, North America, and Europe. His most recent projects deal with identity construction through character design and visual narratives.

Roberto Fantauzzi

Roberto Fantauzzi was born in Puerto Rico. As far as he can remember, he’s been dreaming up characters that make him laugh and others happy. He graduated with a degree in Product Design from Parsons in 2010. That same year he started happyfunny as a way to produce objects marrying functionality and whimsy. He has worked as a director of creative services in the music industry; a graphic designer; a mural artist; a product designer and faculty professor at Parsons.


Rodrigo, also known as Zapatoverde (green shoe) in his homeland, likes to draw cute things and then destroy them. He likes bunnies, ice-cream and melted stuff. He studied graphic design, motion graphics, character design and once he tried to cook. He owns a small urban art gallery in Guatemala called Imaginatorio, and has an animation studio called "La Curiosa". When he is not working, he likes to draw on the walls and collect characters on instagram.

Sarah Haug

Sarah Haug is an artist and illustrator based in Geneva, Switzerland. In her work, the strange and fanciful meet with wilder versions of ourselves. Her character-driven designs take shape in drawings, walls, illustrations, animated films and live projections. It has been seen at the Oslo Comix Festival, Mapping Festival, Bad Bonn, Fantoche, Animatou, WFMU, Centre d'art contemporain de Genève, Faesthetic Magazine, Le Temps, among others.

Sarah Klan

Sarah Klan is a 2D animator and designer from Leicester, England. Since graduating from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2005, she has worked for a small animation company in London on a broad range of projects, including music videos, television adverts and holographic events, as well as developing a children series with Disney. Sarah creates cute characters offset with a darker side,

Siv Nordsveen

Siv Nordsveen is an Trondheim-based comic artist, animator and illustrator. Growing up in Norways largest ski resort Trysil, forests and snowy hills made a big impact on later work, as well as skandinavian folklore. Although drawing always has been her big passion, she also has a strong love for character design and storytelling.


Swantje is an animation director, designer and illustrator from a tiny village in Germany. When not creating characters she can be found building furniture in her London flat, eating her way through food markets or shouting in the front row of wrestling events. Her favourite shape is the triangle.

Syl Hillier

Syl Hillier was born in Munich, Germany in 1976. Her work varies from graphics, drawings & illustrations to plush toys, children's books, clothing & accessories. Her style ranges from simple line drawings to colorful collage. Currently she lives & works in Bern, Switzerland.

Tartaruga Feliz

Tartaruga Feliz is a Brazilian illustrator who mixes drawings for kids and technology. Her characters are known for putting people in the "huggy" mode. She creates interactive installations and workshops for kids in Berlin and internationally. You can visit her at

Tirza van Hensbergen

Trza van Hensbergen (TIRZAWORLD) was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1979. After graduating at the Utrecht school of the arts (Bachelor of design - llustration), she worked on several projects such as illustrations for children’s magazines and books, print design for a Dutch clothing line, game apps and artwork for VJ-shows. Currently she's working as game-artist for a company in Amsterdam. Her work can be recognized by its playfulness and her deliberate choice of brightness in coloring.

Tuuli Juntunen

Tuuli Juntunen is a graphic artist and illustrator from Finland. Originating from a little farm, she spent most of her childhood drawing cows and cats and reading comics, which inevitably lead to studies in Visual Design and to exciting graphic challenges in the games industry. Being an avid people watcher, spotter for pretty things and having an odd taste in humour, she is inclined to creating fun-loving, colorful, wacky and full-bodied imaginative illustrations.


Julian Waldvogel, aka waRjul, is a Munich-based artist and illustrator. From 2007-2012 he studied graphic-design in Freiburg in Breisgau, until he finally decided to focus on cartoon art and character design. His life has been influenced by cartoons since early childhood, being accompanied by Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Hanna Barbera and Warner Brothers cartoons. He loves drawing piglets, sows and boars, trying different drawing techniques and styles... even without pigs.

Yasmin Sheikh

Yasmin Sheikh is an illustrator from the flat lands of the Netherlands. Her daily routine consist of drinking tea, eating chocolate, prancing around in mismatched pyjamas and drawing. She usually illustrates and makes comics for magazines but also loves to paint skulls on stuff to up her street creds. She owns a ton of pens, way too much stationary for her own good and loves all things ugly. Her comics and illustrations are usually very unusual.